Tonight while I was tucking Addison in for bed she asked me if Jason’s sister (who had been in a terrible car accident) was doing any better.  I told her she miraculously was, and that I’m sure her prayers helped play a part in that.  I thanked her for her prayers and then left her room. A minute later she asked if she could say another prayer (she had already said her prayer before bed).  I told her she could pray anytime she wanted.

I then went to my room to hang up some clothes and a few minutes later heard her quite voice praying.  I stopped what I was doing to stand outside her door to secretly listen in.  She prayed for about 10 minutes, pouring out her heart and her gratitude for everything and everyone in her life.  She was so specific in her requests for help for other people and even prayed for those people who made bad choices that they could be good. Her thanks to her Father in Heaven was so sincere and so innocent that it brought me to tears. 

After her prayer I went in to tell her what a beautiful prayer it was. Her heart was as full as mine and she told me she felt “the gospel” in her heart. I explained it was the Holy Ghost.  And we talked about how exciting it will be to turn 8 and be baptized and get the gift of the Holy Ghost all the time. She was quite emotional after that and needed a lot of snuggles and love.  What a priceless moment with my daughter.  I knew I needed to write it down so as never to forget.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.  She is MY example of how to be more Christ like.  Thank you Addison for teaching me tonight what it means to truly pray and communicate with our Heavenly Father.

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  1. kayenelson Says:

    That was precious – thanks for sharing. I’m so glad you are having spiritual moments with your children – keep it up! Love you!!

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