We had 5 game booths, one face painting booth and one photo booth.  Each of the booths was covered by an awning.  I borrowed a couple of them and then found a great deal at a local grocery store for the rest of them.  I loved how each game had their own space and look.  The kids all walked away with a overflowing box of prizes.


9.22.12 Carnival Party (12)


Duck Pond – They had to match two ducks with the same number on the bottom to get a little glow in the dark ducky prize.


9.22.12 Carnival Party (20)


Ring Toss – We had to drink a LOT of root beer so that I could make this ring toss board.  The prize was a large punch ball balloon, you can see them all hanging from the ceiling of the tent.


9.22.12 Carnival Party (19)9.22.12 Carnival Party (74)


Plinko – My Dad built this AMAZING Plinko game for me, SO THANKFUL!!! I then painted it and pounded in the pegs.  I glued two old CD’s together and painted them for the round disks that plink, plink, plinked to the bottom of the board.  This was a big hit for all ages!


9.22.12 Carnival Party (25)9.22.12 Carnival Party (26)


Ball Toss – I bought a traditional apple bushel basket and painted it and then set it on an angle.  The kids had to throw the waffle balls in for a mini beach ball prize.  For all the games that required the kids to stand behind a line, I made “age line” boards so that they knew how far away to stand.  You can kind of see them in the grass in this pictures.


9.22.12 Carnival Party (27)


Milk Bottle Pyramid – I painted 6 empty baby puff cereal containers gray and then filled them with rocks and stacked them in a pyramid. 


9.22.12 Carnival Party (101)9.22.12 Carnival Party (28)


Face Painting and Tattoos – Marc and Julia were rock star face painters for me.  There were some pretty amazing designs on the faces of the kids at the end of the party.  Thanks guys!

9.22.12 Carnival Party (54)

9.22.12 Carnival Party (60)9.22.12 Carnival Party (61)


Photo Booth – I used a refrigerator box to create the photo booth.  We hung a curtain backdrop and then covered it with red and blue wrapping paper.  I made some lip and mustache props and then raided the kids dress-up stuff for the rest.  Oh, and I bought a whole bunch of clown noses that all the kids got to take home with them.


9.22.12 Carnival Party (30)9.22.12 Carnival Party (53)9.22.12 Carnival Party (96)

That sure is a cute boy sitting in the photo booth!

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