This party was SO BIG that I have to split it up into multiple posts.


CARNIVAL was our theme this year for Ethan and Addison’s 6th birthday and Austin’s 4th birthday.  It was a theme that all three of them could easily agree upon.  And the party was a HUGE hit.  It took a lot of planning and work, but I loved doing it and the kids loved every bit of it.  Totally worth it.


First up, a look at the decorations. 


9.22.12 Carnival Party (33)

As you walked into the back yard, there was a ticket booth and party favors stand.  The ticket booth I found on Craigs List, and it was an all black Puppet Show Theater.  I painted it white and red stripe.  Then I created a 3D marquee style Tickets sign for the top using this tutorial from Oh Happy Day.  The Tickets sign was one of the first things I made, so it got a little saggy and sad looking by the time the party day arrived.  Still loved it though!


9.22.12 Carnival Party (110)

9.22.12 Carnival Party (109)

Behind the booth look.


9.22.12 Carnival Party (36)

As you walked into the backyard, the grass was lined with flags made using this tutorial from the same blog.  In the background you can see all the game booths.  I’ll show pictures of each of the booths in the next post.


9.22.12 Carnival Party (31)

After playing games, you could wander up to the concessions area.  We had the pennant flags strung all over the party, purchased from Oriental Trading Co. and there were about a hundred paper flower balls hanging in the trees.


9.22.12 Carnival Party (94)

I painted the concessions sign that hung right under the awning.


9.22.12 Carnival Party (49)9.22.12 Carnival Party (11)

We had a sweets table set up with all kinds of carnival colored candies.  We (and when I say “we”, I mean Kahly) hand made all the cotton candy for the party using an awesome cotton candy machine I bought.  It was all different flavors and colors and the kids LOVED it.  All the little tags for the candy jars were designed by my sis-in-law D and put together by myself and my friend Bonnie.  I couldn’t have done this party without the wonderful help of family and friends!!!


9.22.12 Carnival Party (90)9.22.12 Carnival Party (52)9.22.12 Carnival Party (89)9.22.12 Carnival Party (50)

9.22.12 Carnival Party (115)

For the food and drink table, we had hot dogs on the grill with grilled onions.  Thanks DJ for being the master chef!  I bought a whole bunch of plastic hot dog holders that you can see in the picture with DJ.  This was one of my favorite purchases for the party.  They are perfect for outdoor hot dog BBQ’s and we can use them over and over again.

We also had Soft Pretzels with hot cheese dip, Nachos, a Fruit Salad and Popcorn.  All the popcorn was popped in a vintage popcorn machine that I borrowed from my friend Bonnie.  And a huge thanks to Kahly and Julia for popping an ENORMOUS amount of popcorn.

The drinks were Lemonade, Orange water and Orange Soda. 


9.22.12 Carnival Party (2)

9.22.12 Carnival Party (1)

I borrowed and rented tables and chairs and made four centerpieces for the tables.  I didn’t get a good shot of the centerpieces, but they had a large popcorn bucket filled with popcorn and a bundle of balloons weighted down in the center of them.  Then there were vintage Coca-Cola glasses filled with popcorn kernels and a flower.  I loved how this turned out.


9.22.12 Carnival Party (117)



On the other side of the back yard we had a Bounce House (which was totally ghetto cheap, as you can tell by the sagging candles on top and the tears in the mess sides) Smile.  I also bought the Body Boppers from OTC and the kids had a BLAST bopping each other around in them.  Another favorite purchase.  Thanks to my friend Jenna for the cute pictures of Ethan and her boy Logan.


And finally just some pictures from a distance of the whole party.  It turned out almost exactly as I envisioned it when I started this whole adventure a couple months ago.  WAHOO!!!


9.22.12 Carnival Party (46)9.22.12 Carnival Party (47)9.22.12 Carnival Party (120)

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  1. katielyn Says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. That looks AMAZING. Great job, mama!

  2. anissa_wheeler Says:

    Thanks Katie! It was so much fun!

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