My babies started Kindergarten!  I’m not sure where the time has gone, but they are all grown up now.  This summer they seemed to grow and mature so much.  They are so smart and inquisitive and love to try new things.  They play together, and with Austin, SO well and are just the bestest of friends.  I’m so lucky to have them all so close in age and to have them get along so perfectly. 

They are doing morning half day Kindergarten and their teacher’s name, get ready for it, is Mrs. Higgenbothom.  That’s a mouth full.  But they’ve already mastered her name and adjusted to their new environment just fine.  The first day of school I walked them to the line of kids waiting outside, stood with them until it was time to walk into the classroom, gave them a big hug and kiss and then they said BYE and didn’t look back.  It’s obviously much harder for Mommy than it is for the kids with this transition. 

I loved our summer break and am already looking forward to the next summer break.  I enjoy having my kids at home with me and miss them when they are gone.  Not to mention, the getting up and out the door early in the morning, driving kids to and from all kinds of activities, etc, is NOT my favorite thing in the world.  I’m officially a Taxi cab Mom.  At least it’s only 4 days a week this year and we get our Fridays together.  Love these cute kids!


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Of course Austin wanted to get in on the “first day of school” action that morning too.  He didn’t start until the following week but we let him pretend with his big bro and sis.


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We also decided to start a new tradition on the first day of school.  Makayla came over and we had donuts for breakfast.  I also set out a balloon and special note for each of them, so they got to come down to a little surprise party that morning. 

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