Tonight while I was tucking Addison in for bed she asked me if Jason’s sister (who had been in a terrible car accident) was doing any better.  I told her she miraculously was, and that I’m sure her prayers helped play a part in that.  I thanked her for her prayers and then left her […]

We had a pretty laid back Father’s day this year. We had church in the morning and then DJ wanted to go on a hike at St. Edwards Park. So we took a picnic lunch and hiked down to our favorite beach. It wasn’t exactly warm out, but we all ended up in the water […]

A party is nothing without the people!  So many thanks to those who helped make it happen. DJ, Marc and Julia, Bonnie, Kahly, Mom, Dad, D, Tara and the rest of the family that came to help man the booths.  You guys are the BEST!   There were so many fun shots of everyone having […]

We had 5 game booths, one face painting booth and one photo booth.  Each of the booths was covered by an awning.  I borrowed a couple of them and then found a great deal at a local grocery store for the rest of them.  I loved how each game had their own space and look.  […]

Pictures of my cake and cupcakes.  I made most everything out of gum paste.  The cake on top was rainbow colored layers since that was a specific request from the kiddos.  It all turned out great!  

This party was SO BIG that I have to split it up into multiple posts.   CARNIVAL was our theme this year for Ethan and Addison’s 6th birthday and Austin’s 4th birthday.  It was a theme that all three of them could easily agree upon.  And the party was a HUGE hit.  It took a […]




We went out to support my Dad, running a marathon, and Kahly, running a half marathon, a couple weeks ago.  This was my Dad’s second marathon and he wanted to try to quality for the Boston marathon.  Unfortunately he didn’t make it, but he did finish the race faster than his first time and he […]

Austin started preschool this year.  He’s going two days a week at Miss Rosie’s Preschool.  She is a lady in our ward that has been doing preschool out of her home for over 20 years.  So far he loves it!  And when he is gone for the those two hours of school, I am kid […]

My babies started Kindergarten!  I’m not sure where the time has gone, but they are all grown up now.  This summer they seemed to grow and mature so much.  They are so smart and inquisitive and love to try new things.  They play together, and with Austin, SO well and are just the bestest of […]

Austin and Ethan both played TBall for the first time this summer.  We did it through the YMCA.  It was a great program to just get them familiar with playing and they both had a blast.  Ethan’s team name was Angry Birds, which is the name he suggested.  Austin’s team name was Orange Crush.  They […]